Key Features

  • 24 Bit A/D & D/A converters
  • Fast 22 Bit D/A converter for Z
  • Integrated lock-in amplifiers
  • PLL for tuning fork based NC-AFM
  • Easy access to all signals
  • Measurement & data analysis software included

The new digital SXM Control System incorporates advances in state-of-the-art electronics and latest software algorithms to fulfill the needs of today’s and future challenges in scanning probe microscopy.

Features of the new SXM Controller include low noise, large detection bandwidth, high resolution 24 bit D/A and A/D converters, easy software and hardware handling, accessible and simple file format and a basic data analysis software package. In combination with 32 bit data handling, the outstanding fast 22 bit D/A converter for Zregulation sets a new benchmark for SPM controllers as it overcomes the classic restrictions (resolution and voltage stability) of existing 16 or 20 bit solutions.
The controller comes with an integrated phase locked loop (PLL) for piezoelectric cantilever based non-contact AFM (NC-AFM) and lock-in amplifiers for high resolution spectroscopy (e.g. dI/dU, d²I/dU²).

STM and qPlus® Results

Au(111) @ 10K (STM)
Si(111) 7x7 @ 20K (STM)
qPlus® on NaCI(001) @ 20K
df(z) spectroscopy (qPlus®) on NaCl(001) at 20K