Key Features

  • STM, qPlus®-AFM & spectroscopy
  • Integrated TRIBUS Head
  • 3D coarse motion
  • Temperature: <10K to 420K
  • Flow cryostat for LN2 and LHe
  • Tip & sample cold

The STREAM combines advantages of a cost effective low temperature flow cryostat platform with the attractive features of the TRIBUS SPM head including 3D coarse motion, high intrinsic stability, easy tip and sample exchange, and optical access.

The STREAM SPM platform is purpose built for high resolution STM, qPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments in a temperature range between <10K and 420K. With the integrated thermal shield compartment, the cryostat enables operation using either LHe (<10K) or LN2 (<100K), under stable conditions. The efficient thermal shielding delivers low  liquid helium consumption and high temperature stability resulting in low drift.




The STREAM SPM is available as a complete research solution (left picture) or as a bolt-on upgrade to enhance an SPM-compatible UHV system (right picture).

STM Results

Au(111)/Mica at 10K (STM)
Au(111)/Mica at 10K (STM)

All results are obtained with the STREAM SPM in combination with the SIGMA SXM Controller.