Key Features

  • STM, qPlus®-AFM & Spectroscopy
  • Integrated TRIBUS Head
  • Excellent SPM Stability
  • Minimum Temperature: Tmin <5K
  • Helium Holding Time: > 200h
  • Vertical Magnetic Field: Bz= ±5T
  • Optical Access

The new SIGMA POLAR UHV SPM is a low-temperature Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) for highest resolution STM, qPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments in a temperature range of between <5K and 300K and in high magnetic fields of up to 5T.

The ultra-compact design of the cryostat with a height of <60cm ensures an immense mechanical stiffness and thus results in an excellent STM stability.

The hold time is optimised through a series of thermal decoupling stages and thermal radiation shields, designed to deliver an extremely low helium consumption. With a liquid helium (LHe) consumption of less than 1 litre per 24 hours, the instrument achieves a hold time of >200 hours at <5K before the cryostat needs to be refilled. Alternatively, the SPM can be operated with liquid nitrogen (T <79K).




POLAR UHV SPM system including customised preparation chamber with LEED, evaporators, tip and sample preparation stage.

STM and qPlus® Results

STM: Si(111) 7x7 @ 4.8K
qPlus®: Si(111) 7x7 @ 4.6K
STM: Au(111) @ ~4.7K
STM: Au(111) @ B=4T

All results are obtained with the POLAR SPM in combination with the SIGMA SXM Controller.