Publications & Results

Key Features

  • STM, qPlus®-AFM & Spectroscopy
  • Integrated TRIBUS Head
  • Temperature: 10K to 420K
  • Zero Helium Consumption
  • Very Long Measurement Time

The new SIGMA INFINITY UHV SPM is a low-temperature SPM for high-resolution STM, qPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments. A pulse tube cooler is employed to cool the UHV SPM in a new, unique design. This renewable cryostat, which has no moving parts in the cold head and very long service intervals, belongs to the next generation of cryostats that are independent of cryogenic liquids. The handling of liquid helium or liquid nitrogen is no longer necessary, thus making instrument use simpler and safer. The instrument can stay cold for several months without the need for any maintenance of the cryostat.

For optimum mechanical decoupling, the sensitive SPM is mounted in a dedicated UHV chamber with ports for sample transfer, optical access, and evaporators, and the noisy pulse tube cooler is located in a separate high vacuum chamber. In addition, the SPM head is mechanically decoupled by a spring suspension with eddy current damping.

This unique two-chamber design with incorporated mechanical decoupling units, sophisticated thermal connections, and dedicated acoustic noise cancellation is the key to pm-stability in a temperature range from 10K to 420K.

Example INFINITY UHV System

INFINITY UHV SPM system including customised preparation chamber with LEED and evaporators, tip and sample preparation stage.

INFINITY System: Rigid, Modular and Compact

STM and qPlus® Results

STM: Au(111) @ ~29K
STM: Si(111) 7x7 @ ~20K
qPlus®: NaCI(001) @ ~20K
qPlus® NC-AFM: Si(111) 7x7 @ ~20K
qPlus®: NaCI(001) @ ~20K

All results are obtained with the INFINITY SPM in combination with the SIGMA SXM Controller.