Neo Control Suite - New Version V1.1

  • Extended instrument support
  • Experiment automation enhancements
  • Enhanced experiment control
  • Results management extensions

Extended instrument support

  • Auxiliary analogue signal acquisition
  • Support for dual-anode X-ray monochromator MECS-DA
  • New magnification and lens modes

Experiment automation enhancements

  • Advanced automation sequence diagnostics
  • Mantis Titanium 10 control software integration
  • Acquisition task transformation support
  • Instrument stand-by task

Enhanced experiment control

  • Binding energy scale calibration
  • Indications for excessive count rates
  • Additional rate meter energy axis
  • Improved periodic table tool
  • X-ray excitation source operation control time estimations and progress indications

Results management extensions

  • NeoSTUDIO application for accessing results libraries
  • Extended VAMAS file and CasaXPS export