Dr. Christian Kaiser presenting at MRS Spring 2019

Our colleague, Dr. Christian Kaiser, Product Manager ESCA, will be holding a presentation at the MRS Spring in Phoenix this April, on the topic of the acquisition mode Multi Peak Monitoring for dynamic XPS applications.

Dynamic XPS with Multi Peak Monitoring:

Multi Peak Monitoring is based on multi-channel detection allowing the acquisition of electron spectra using all detection channels energy dispersed in parallel. At the same time, switching times between different binding energies to observe many different spectroscopic features are only some ten milliseconds even for large energy switches.

Great care was taken in the development of automated calibration procedures for exact data acquisition and quantitative analysis.

This combination allows the observation of all relevant elements to follow reactions at surfaces as they happen with a time resolution on a sub-second scale.

Applications range from temperature programmed studies of surface transitions, on-surface reactions and synthesis, deposition and gas exposure to real-time monitoring of active devices.

Abstract Title: Observing Reactions at Surfaces with Fast and Dynamic XPS

Session Title: CP03.02: X-Ray Photoelectron and Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
Session Day: April 23, 2019
Session Type: Oral
Presentation Time: 2:00 PM

We hope to you see you there!

Mantis-Sigma, booth 227, MRS Spring, Phoenix, USA