Key Features

  • Fast Survey Spectrum in 2 Seconds
  • Peak Monitoring in Real Time
  • Snapshot Capability with 128 Multi-Channel Detector
  • Energy Range Up To 3.5 KeV
  • NEO Control Suite




  • ASPECT and NEO Showcase I
  • NEO Software Sneak Peek - Powerful
  • NEO Software Sneak Peek - Fast
  • NEO Software Sneak Peek - Sophisticated
  • ASPECT and NEO Showcase II

The ASPECT hemispherical energy analyser with a mean radius of 160 mm and a true counting multi-channel detector features high transmission, fast spectrometer electronics with short voltage settling times and fast detector read-out.

SIGMA's ASPECT analyser and MECS and LAX X-ray sources are fully integrated within NEO which enables full control of the instruments with easy-to-use calibration and conditioning routines. 

Automated sequences with fast and dynamic acquisition modes, a unique data library with user-friendly interface structure and extensive search functionality, along with powerful data processing tools make NEO the leading control suite for ESCA applications.

A range of other optional sources are available for further analysis and preparation methods.