Your Partner for UHV SPM and Electron Spectroscopy

SIGMA Surface Science

Sigma Surface Science is a specialized company in the field of material research with the focus on the development and production of instruments for UHV SPM and Electron Spectroscopy.

The majority of the team consists of physicists and engineers with more than 200 years of joint experience in this field.

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Scanning Probe Microscopy

  • TRIBUS - SIGMA's compact UHV SPM head
  • STREAM - Flow Cryostat UHV SPM 
  • INFINITY - Closed Cycle UHV SPM
  • POLAR - Bath Cryostat UHV SPM  
  • SXM - Next Generation SPM Control System 

Electron Spectroscopy

Learn more about our new version of Neo Control Suite

STM measurements on Au(111)/mica at 9.6K

dI/dV map at -280mV