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    NEW Showcase Video: Thermally Reducing Titanium Oxides

    Watch how the surface chemistry unfolds in this video about the time-resolved XPS study of thermally reducing titanium oxides.

SIGMA Surface Science

Sigma Surface Science is a specialized company in the field of material research with the focus on the development and production of instruments for UHV SPM and Electron Spectroscopy....

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Products and Results


The STREAM combines advantages of a cost effective low temperature flow cryostat platform with... read more


The ultra-compact TRIBUS is a universal SPM for a wide variety of applications. Whether for SPM-spectroscopy, surface imaging, or manipulation of nanoparticles, for experiments at elevated temperatures ...
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SXM Controller

The new digital SXM Control System incorporates advances in state-of-the-art electronics... read more

qPlus on NaCI(001) @ 20K

SPM Result

STM, STS, qPlus®, I(V), dI/dU, dI/dz, IETS, atom/molecule nanoparticle manipulation, df(z), df(U), SP-STM, …
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ESCA Solution

The Sigma ESCA solution is comprised of the ASPECT energy analyser with true counting multi-channel detection (160 mm radius, working distance 35 mm), a dedicated high voltage power supply (energy range 3.5 keV), the ASPECT monochromator, and the NEO software.
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