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Scanning Probe Microscopy

  • TRIBUS - SIGMA's compact UHV SPM head
  • STREAM - Flow Cryostat UHV SPM 
  • INFINITY - Closed Cycle UHV SPM
  • POLAR - Bath Cryostat UHV SPM  
  • SXM - Next Generation SPM Control System 

Electron Spectroscopy

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INFINITY: Closed Cycle AFM on NaCl

qPlus AFM measurements on NaCI(001) with qPlus sensor at 9.69K
Scan range: 8nm x 8nm NaCI measurement parameters: fRES=23.157,
df ca.-3.65Hz Q=21.750, TC=2ms

POLAR: Low Temperature qPlus AFM in magnetic field

qPlus AFM imaging of NaCI(001) at 4.35K Scan range: 5nm x 5nm Bz=5T